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*From:* Nadia Bilbassy <xxx@alarabiya.net>
*Sent:* Thursday, May 17, 2018 4:02 PM
*Subject:* Foreign Pool #2 Cabinet room with NATO


We were taking straight from Oval to the Cabinet Room .We waited for around 10 minutes or so in the corridor before rushing to the second meeting. Its an expanded meeting with the NATO delegation.

The Secretary General spoke after POTUS talking again about the increased in military spending by NATO members. He also talked about NATO's contribution in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Mr Stolenberg said "we need a strong NATO and we want to thank you for the strong commitment to our alliance" he stressed the points of fighting terrorism and increase defense expenditure . "Allies are adding billion of dollars to the budget". He added NATO will do more in Iraq. On NK, he said that "the aim should be the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, and no weapons will be there and also to stop the missiles program. NATO supports the summit. "

POTUS took few questions explaining what he meant by the world animal , ( i refer you to the US pool on his remarks.)


On Foreign policy, your pooler asked him if he wants NATO to step up their role in Syria esp after POTUS declared recently that he wants to pull US troops out. he said , "We helped Syria actually by withdrawing from the Iran deal , Syria will start to stabilize, you have seen what is happening, its been a horror show, the Syria people are a great people. I know people from Syria, its a great culture before its been blown apart." a place where people used to go , they have professional people, doctors, lawyers. " I want to see Syria come back and we have a long way to go" he referred again to the withdrawal from the deal < "and you will see what i mean over time "

On Iran: He also said that whenever there is a conflict in the Middle East, Iran is right behind it. "We are not going to have this any longer "

On the EU : "They can call me all kind of names" , he said, the EU has been terrible to the US on trade and terrible for the American workers , "we had a trade deficit of $151 Billion last year" ,


Full transcript to follow.

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