*From:* Byron Tau <xxx@wsj.com> *Date:* October 13, 2017 at 2:16:59 PM EDT
*Subject:**In-town pool #6 -- USSS training facility arrival*

Pool was pre-positioned at theUnited States Secret Service James J. Rowley Training Center earlier this afternoon. The official White House schedule says were in Beltsville, Md. but Google tells me were in Laurel, Md.
POTUS traveled here on Marine One. Pool saw one of the Marine helicopters hovering over the tree line at about 300-400 yard distance at 2:04 pm, but we were not close enough to see anything else about the presidents arrival.
The USSS facility is a large, spread out, leafy campus. As we were leaving the building where we were holding, a number of USSS employees possibly a training class? appeared to be lined up to greet POTUS. (At that point he had not yet arrived.)
We are positioned at a training site for K-9 dogs. We can hear but not see barking dogs. The facility is about a half acre of fenced in land containing various obstacles, and several suitcases of various sizes laying on the ground.
POTUS arrived at the training site at 2:11 pm in a motorcade. The president and First Lady shook hands with USSS officials who began explaining the training demonstration. Pool could not make out much of their conversation.
Three muzzled dogs and their USSS handlers emerged at 2:13 pm. Pool was ushered out before the demonstration began at 2:14 pm.
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