From: "Krantz, Laura"
Date: July 26, 2019 at 5:02:55 PM EDT
Subject: In-town pool #9: on Korea, Boris Johnson, Bedminster, Obama AC system, etc.

more from Oval:

POTUS says he is OK with North Korea firing short-range missiles.

"My relationship is very good with Chairman Kim and we'll see what happens but they are short-range missiles and many ppl have those missiles."

on Boris Johnson, will have good relationship, a friend, just talked to him on Friday afternoon by phone, congratulated. Working on a "very substantial" trade agreement.

"I predict he will be a great prime minister."

Bedminster -- says he plans to go for "less than a week" this month. will not be a "vacation."
"it's never a vacation, it's working.
"I'd rather be right here."


Says he doesn't go to Manhattan because he feels bad shutting the city down with secret service/security.

Obama -- a brand new AC system was put in while Obama was on vacation but Trump is not a fan.


"Now that they did the system, it's freezing or hot in here."

Apple -- wants them to build a plant in Texas, rather than China.

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