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Subject: In-town pool report #13b — Alyssa Farah gaggle, more highlights

From: Alayna Treene
Date: October 4, 2020 at 2:02:18 PM EDT
Subject: In-town pool report #13b — Alyssa Farah gaggle, more highlights

Of note: Alyssa referenced Dr. Conley as "Dr. Connelly" throughout the gaggle -- I use that in this transcription.


She was also not wearing a mask. She said she was wearing one en route to her Fox News hit and believes she left it at her live shot.

Asked about WH credibility/ the credibility of the president's doctors:

"Just candidly we provided three letter updates from Dr. Connelly, he's given to you on camera briefings, the President has spoken directly on camera twice. We've had Chief of Staff Meadows and Kayleigh give briefings, we're gonna continue to do this. You have my commitment, you'll get regular updates. "


Q: But if the updates aren't accurate what is the point?

Alyssa: "We'll be very quick to clean up anything if there is. ... I would disagree though that Dr. Connelly's update wasn't accurate. We came and gave supplemental information after the fact. This is a very distinguished military doctor, we all know and love Dr Connelly, he's treated the president for some time. We can trust the information he's giving but if we later have supplementary information you have my commitment.


She would not answer questions about when the president first received a rapid test Thursday and what those results were. Asked why the president still traveled to Bedminster, NJ on Thursday, she said it "was a decision made by White House operations because he wasn't deemed to pose a threat."

Fuller quotes coming ...


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