From: Hunter Walker
Sent: Monday, January 14, 2019 9:43 AM
Subject: In Town Pool Report #2 - POTUS comments

President Trump walked out of the residence at 9:26.

He spoke to reporters outside for about ten minutes.

Asked about the shutdown, Trump emphasized the fact he is in DC and said he is willing to talk while some Democrats are in Puerto Rico for an event.

Trump was asked about reports he hid details of meetings with Putin. He described this as “fake news” and noted he has met with other world leaders.

Asked about Lindsey Graham’s suggestion he temporarily reopen government, Trump said, “I did reject it.”


Trump said he was not familiar with comments Rep. Steve King made about white supremacy.

Trump said he had done a “service” when he fired James Comey who was a “bad cop” and a “dirty cop.”


The president boarded the helicopter after speaking to the press. Staff followed him including Dan Scavino and Stephen Miller. Marine One was wheels up at about 9:40 am

Will send full quotes from Trump’s comments ASAP.

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