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Subject: In Town Pool Report #3 - Arrivederci

From: Hunter Walker
Date: June 23, 2019 at 3:34:36 PM EDT
Subject: In Town Pool Report #3 - Arrivederci

According to the White House President Trump departed Trump National Golf Course in Sterling VA on Marine One at 3:27 pm.


The pool caught a glimpse of one of the helicopters flying by as we boarded the press vans and rolled out from Lucia’s Authentic Italian Restaurant.

POTUS is en route to the White House where your pooler will hand thing off to the supplemental pool. The president’s arrival is open press.


Your pooler cannot confirm what the president did during his time on the golf course. The White House did not respond to multiple requests about what the president was doing there or who he was with.

Your pooler can report the steamed mussels at Lucia’s Authentic Italian Restaurant were quite good. It’s a fine place to visit if you’re ever in the vicinity of the Great Falls Plaza. Thanks to our able wrangler Bethany for sparing us from IHOP.


Other than the glimpse of the helicopter and a video of the helicopter posted by a golfer on Instagram, your pooler did not see the president at all this morning. As POTUS himself might say: Sad!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

Hunter Walker
White House Correspondent
Yahoo News
Twitter: @hunterw (><)



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