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*Subject:* In-town pool report #3a -- Couple more quotes from Halloween in the Oval

A couple moments from the Oval Office trick or treat for the White House press corps' kids were hard for your pooler to hear in real time. But after watching the tape, I wanted to make sure y'all had everything you need.

First, here's Trump's interaction with the girl who was a little nervous in front of all of the cameras:

The president said, "Are you crying? Come here, sweetheart. You OK, honey?"

One of the other kids told Trump, "She's Japanese."

Trump responded, "She's Japanese. Beautiful. I'm going to be in Japan in two weeks."


Another kid, perhaps an aspiring foreign correspondent, jumped in: "I know."

Second, I know this is bouncing around Twitter, so here's what Trump said as he was handing out candy.

The president first joked, "I don't think they want any gifts or candy."

He then told the kids that the candy was from the White House -- "See what that says?" One girl responded, "They're Hersey kisses!" Trump continued handing out the candy to the kids and then asked, "Who likes this?"


"Well, you have no weight problems, that's the good news, right?" he continued. "So you take out whatever you need. If you want some for your friends, take them. We have plenty."

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