From: Crowley, Michael
Sent: Friday, February 14, 2020 3:01 PM
Subject: In town pool report #4 / POTUS on wall construction

Trump is discussing construction of the border wall, aided by photos.

He is giving a highly detailed explanation, including the detail that black spray paint on the wall will make it “virtually untouchable ... because of the sun hitting it. The black absorbs the heat.”


Says you “not only have to be a very good climber,” you have to bring a hose to cool it down first, an added challenge since water is scarce at the border.

Says the wall has been “virtually 100% effective and that cameras, drones and “a lot of different contraptions” make it nearly impossible to breach or jump.

“I made your jobs a lot easier,” he told the agents assembled here. “Say, ‘Thank you Mr. President!’”

More Tk.

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