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Sent: Monday, January 14, 2019 11:15 AM
Subject: In Town Pool Report #4- Remaining Marine One Quotes

Here's everything else POTUS said before leaving the White House this morning. Same caveats about somethings being unintelligible to helicopter roar apply. Please check this against the final transcript.


President Trump began by making remarks on his plans for the day.

"I'll be going to New Orleans right now. I'm going to be speaking in front of our great farmers. I look forward to that. ... I did it last year and I look forward to it. So, we'll be back a little bit later. I believe — I don't know if the weather changes things — but the Clemson championship team, the national championship team, will be coming tonight. It'll be exciting. ... Great team, an unbelievable team. They'll be coming tonight and I think were going to serve McDonald's, Wendys, and Burger King. ... I really mean it. ... I would think that's their favorite food. So, we'll see what happens but they're coming tonight, the national champions subject to the weather."


After Trump gave his answer about when he intends to talk with Democrats about the shutdown, he was asked if he's considering Lindsey Graham's suggestion that he temporarily reopen the government.

"That was a suggestion that Lindsey made but I did reject it yes. I'm not interested. ... I want to get it solved. I don't want to just delay it. I want to get it solved."


Your pooler asked Trump for a response to Rep. Steve King's recent remarks on white supremacy.

"Who?" Trump asked.

When your pooler reiterated the question, Trump said he was unfamiliar with the remarks.


"I haven't been following," Trump said.

Trump was also asked whether he thinks a deal to end the shutdown is near.

"I don't know if we're close on a deal. This should be the easiest deal that I've ever seen. We're talking about border security. Who could be against it? We're talking about ... human traffickers tying up women, putting tape on their mouths, and pouring into our country. We can't have that. We can't have that. We have drugs, we have criminals, and we have gangs and the Democrats don't want to do anything about it. They say, 'Oh, it's immoral, but it wasn't immoral three years ago, five years ago, six years ago, and ten years ago when they all raised their hands to approve a wall. All of a sudden it's immoral. It's immoral because one reason, because they know they're going to lose in the 2020 election. That's the only reason to them its immoral."


Your pooler also asked Trump about Rep. Alexandria Ocasio Cortez calling him a "racist."

"Who did?" Trump asked.

Your pooler repeated that it was Rep. Ocasio-Cortez and Trump dismissed the question with a wave of his hand.


"Who cares?" Trump asked.

Trump was also asked his thoughts on last week's trade talks with China.

"We're doing very well with China. They're having a hard time with their economy because of the tariffs. We're doing very well with our economy. We're at records, our unemployment numbers just hit a record, another record. We're doing extremely well with the country. We're doing better than any country right now anywhere in the world. China wants to negotiate. I have a great relationship with President Xi because it's good to have relationships with Russia, and China, and Japan, and India. And I have relationships with almost everybody and that's a good thing, not a bad thing. I think that we are going to be able to do a deal with China. ... I can tell you, we are getting things that, before I became president, you would have had no chance at getting. They would have laughed at your president's face."


After airing his thoughts on the FBI investigation into his campaign, Trump took a final question on whether he might declare a national emergency in order to begin border wall construction without congressional approval.

"I'm not looking to call a national emergency. This is so simple. You shouldn't have to. Now, I have the absolute legal right to call it, but I'm not looking to do that because this is too simple. The Democrats should say, 'We want border security. We have to build a wall otherwise you cant have border security.' And we should get on with our lives. The Democrats are stopping us and they're stopping a lot of great people from getting paid. All they have to do is say, 'We want border security.' That automatically means a wall or a barrier. Thank you."


That's all for now. Your in twon pooler will be back this evening after President Trump returns to DC.

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