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President Trump spoke in the Roosevelt Room, standing in front of senators and members of his administration.

I believe the remarks were carried on TV. Apologies for the delayed pool report 4, reporters had no cellphone or Wi-Fi reception.

Trump said pharmacy transparency legislation he signed would reduce drug prices that are "way out of whack" and "way too high"

Trump said Americans will leave high cost pharmacies, driving down prices

Although he did not mention Brett Kavanaugh by name, he said to Sen. Collins, "I would thank you for some of the most beautiful words"


He did not mention Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein, who did nothing remarkable, but for smile, clap and exchange glances with the media. Trump shook his hand and many others before leaving the room

Trump did not clarify whether he personally spoke with the Saudi crown prince, but said "we are very disappointed to see what's going on"


He repeated earlier remarks on the Pa. rally tonight saying he "probably" will still go, despite the hurricane. "I hear they have thousands of people lined up, so we are in a little bit of a quagmire"


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