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Subject: In-town pool report #5: heading back to White House

From: Tessa Berenson
Date: September 27, 2020 at 2:01:06 PM EDT
Subject: In-town pool report #5: heading back to White House

Motorcade is rolling at 1:58 back to the White House from the Trump National golf club. Pool did not see POTUS.


There is still a cluster of protesters outside the club, both pro and anti Trump. One sign read “GOP senators are hypocrites.” Another person was laying out small fake gravestones along the side of the road with a sign that said “he knew.” Another sign said “Epic failure democracy killer.” There were also pro-Trump flags and 3 Jeeps drove back and forth on the road with Trump campaign flags waving from the back. Dueling chants of “vote him out” and “four more years” broke out among the assembled group. The chants intensified when the motorcade began rolling. There were about 20 protesters on one side of the street; pool didn’t have visibility to count on the other side, but it was a roughly similar amount.
Tessa Berenson

White House Correspondent




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