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Subject: In town pool report #7

Pool was escorted into the Cabinet Room around 4:40 pm. Officials are distanced at a table. The president and officials from North Dakota as well as Dr. Birx were not wearing masks. Officials from Colorado were wearing masks.


The president said that they surpassed 10 million tests for coronavirus.

He also said that states should work to open schools and said he didn’t consider states open if they didn’t open the schools.


“I think you should absolutely open the schools.”
The president noted it was up to the governors.

He was asked about news on the unmasking of Michael Flynn in intelligence reports. “The unmasking is a massive thing.”
The president questioned Joe Biden’s answers in an interview on GMA.
“He said he knows nothing about anything,” Trump said, before saying Biden was an unmasker and questioning why he could say he knew nothing.


The president was askef about Afghanistan and whether he is concerned the peace deal is falling apart. “I don’t know. We will have to see.”

He was asked if lawmakers should move forward on stimulus. “I don’t know it depends.” He signaled disapproval for the Democrats proposal.


“It’s as they say DOA.”

He said he just spoke to Gen. Milley about Michael Flynn.
“He thinks General Flynn is a great great gentleman and a real fighter.” “The FBI said he didn’t lie.”


On a pardon for Flynn, the president said he didn’t want to talk about it

Do you have concerns about reopening like Dr. Fauci?
“He wants to play all sides of the equation.” He said he believes the country will bounce back in the fourth quarter.
Asked what he meant by his comments regarding Fauci, the president said:
“I was surprised by his answer ... To me it’s not an acceptable answer especially when it comes to schools.”


More to come.

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