From: "Crowley, Michael"
Date: February 14, 2020 at 3:43:20 PM EST
Subject: In town pool report #7 / more detail from border event, no questions

POTUS solicited no questions, and exited quickly amid applause before reporters had a chance to shout any.

Fuller quote from POTUS's previously mentioned account of Maria Fuertes' murder by an undocumented Guyanese national in January:

"I'll take the word 'allegedly' out. Do you mind if I do that? See, the lawyers put it in. If you don't mind, I'll leave it out," he said.


Trump introduced Fuertes' daughter as what sounded like Daria Ortiz. Pool is seeking to confirm spelling. Quote from her: "Our family would like to thank the administration for acknowledging our family's tragedy."

(A reminder that POTUS mentioned the Fuertes killing during his SOTU speech.)

Unrelated but also perhaps of note, POTUS digressed earlier into his political standing with women.

"People say, do you think Trump will get the women vote? Remember last time? They said, he'll never — will any woman vote for Trump? A woman in the whole country? And then I got a tremendous number of women,. They said one of the reasons I won was women."

"Fake news, fake polls, whatever they can do," POTUS added. "Men, I don't have to tell you about."


We will be gathering in a few minutes for his scheduled 4pm departure, en route to Florida.

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