Subject: In-town pool report 7 -- Pence transcript on the task force

From: Geoff Earle
Date: May 5, 2020 at 3:42:32 PM EDT
Subject: In-town pool report 7 -- Pence transcript on the task force

VP’s office upon request has provided your pooler with a transcript of the portion of the pen-and-pad dealing with the winding down of the coronavirus task force.


Q The New York Times is reporting that White House officials had told members of the task force that the task force will be wound down and that there’s won’t necessarily be another group to replace it. Is that accurate, that you’ve been told that it’s being -- that it’s winding down?

Q In the next few weeks?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: I think we’re having conversations about that and about what the proper time is for the task force to complete its work and for the ongoing efforts to take place on an agency-by-agency level. And we’ve already begun to talk about a transition plan with FEMA.


But it’s -- it really is all a reflection of the tremendous progress we’ve made as a country. The President stood up the White House Coronavirus Task Force to marshal -- in January -- to marshal a national response.

And as I’ve said before, as we continue to practice social distancing and states engage in safe and responsible reopening plans, I truly believe -- and the trend lines support it -- that we could be in a very different place. And by late May and early June -- and that probably represents the timetable for our agencies --


Q Will Dr. Birx -- is Dr. Birx going to stick around --

THE VICE PRESIDENT: -- to begin the --

Q -- even though it’s wound down?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: We’re going to keep Dr. Deborah Birx around every bit as long as we need to.


Q Did you say early June?


Q Did you say early June?

THE VICE PRESIDENT: I think we’re starting to look at the Memorial Day window, early June window as a time when we could begin to transition back to having our agencies begin to manage -- begin to manage our national response in a more traditional manner.


DR. BIRX: We’ll still keep a close eye on the data because we have very good data now. It took us a while to build that capacity. And we’ll make sure that, you know, we’re watching that at a federal level.

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