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No news at this event. Travel Photo Lid declared at 5:07 p.m.

Here is a brief recount. It was livestreamed, for those needing more detail. The list of prominent attendees was sent in an earlier report.


President Trump entered the East Room to applause at 4:38 p.m. to present the National Teacher of the Year award to Mandy Manning. A group of 8 students in yellow glee club t-shirts from Walter B. Patterson Elementary School sang What a Wonderful World just before POTUS entered to the tune of Hail to the Chief. POTUS praised their brilliant talent and great voices.

Those joining the president on stage were Manning as well as Secretary DeVos, Department of Education and Secretary Acosta, Department of Labor and Dr. Josephine Jody K. Olsen, Director, Peace Corps.

Manning was wearing several buttons on her dress, including one for the Peace Corps (she was described as a former member, who gained her passion for teaching in that experience), one for the NEA, one with a poster for the Womens March, one that said Trans Equality Now, one in the shape of an apple with a rainbow and one for the teacher of the year program.

The president, in a dark suit and striped tie, read from a teleprompter, during remarks that lasted about six minutes and included the presentation of a clear glass, apple-shaped trophy to Manning. Manning did not speak from the podium.


President Trump extolled the virtues of Manning and other teachers and their role in shaping our nations most important resource, our children and unleashing the boundless potential of Americas youth.

The job of a teacher is not only to instruct the next generation of workers but the next generation of citizens, to teach our children to care for others, to think for themselves, to love their country, to be proud of our history and to be trued members of their families and their communitiesThere is no more important job.


When the event ended, and the president left the room, the crowd moved into an adjacent reception. The pool, as it was ushered out, could hear the military band playing Stevie Wonders You Can Do it All Over.


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Los Angeles Times

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