From: "Olorunnipa, Toluse"
Date: May 20, 2019 at 6:05:03 PM EDT
Subject: In-town pool report No. 3 - departure gaggle, and Marine One departure

Marine One was wheels up at 6:04pm, shortly after POTUS boarded. He was followed on board by several aides, including Dan Scavino, Nick Luna and Stephen Miller
More from POTUS’s departure Gaggle, which lasted about 7 minutes.
Please check quotes against transcript.
Potus said the recent federal ruling about the release of his financial information was “ridiculous” and we “will appeal it”
Asked about abortion, he reiterated his position
On Iran, he said:
“We have no indication that anything happening or will happen”... but if it happens “ it will be met with great force”
Asked to clarify if there were any threatening actions by Iran, he said:
“I think Iran would be making a big mistake” if they did anything “but we have no indication that anything’s happening”
He praised his administration for providing funds to Puerto Rico
On the border and recent deaths of migrants in US custody, he blamed Democrats for not making changes to immigration laws.


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