*From:* Eli Stokols <xxx@wsj.com> *Date:* July 24, 2017 at 5:53:27 PM EDT
*Subject:* *Out of town pool report #2 - Beaver, WV arrival*

AF1 was wheels down at Raleigh County Memorial Airport in Beaver, WV
at 5:34 pm. Grey skies. Very green.

POTUS emerged from AF1 at 5:43 and waved to the crowd gathered across
a wet tarmac. At the bottom of the stairs, POTUS was greeted by West
Virginia's governor, attorney general and secretary of state.

After a few minutes shaking hands, POTUS walked over to the crowd of
supporters, which included a number of people in military uniform. He
shook hands with several (pics attached) and went down the line as
your pooler was shooed into the vans to join the motorcade.

Motorcade is rolling at 5:52 pm.

Toward the end of the flight, HHS Secretary Price and Press Secretary
Sarah Huckabee Sanders came to the press cabin and gaggled on camera
for nine minutes on the Senate healthcare push, the Russian sanctions
bill, AG Sessions and Jared Kushner's statement earlier today.


More of those comments to come in the next report.

And apologies for the delay of the first pool report, due to a lack of
wifi inside the cabin prior to takeoff.

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