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*Date:* February 6, 2018 at 2:14:38 PM EST
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__McCaul in previous. Apology for autocorrect.


Never seen such "levels of ferocity"
"Whatever they want to come through they come through... We don't have the wall were never going to solve this problem."
"I think the Democrats don't want to make a deal but we'll find out," Trump said after reiterating his pillars of a DACA-immigration deal.
Nielsen noted that MS-13 is dangerous enough to be designated a transnational criminal organization. She described legal barriers to keeping out and removing gang members.
"This is unique to our country." Trump interjected.
Lengthy statement from acting Assistant Attorney General John Cronan of the Criminal Division said the gang can easily replenish it's ranks in the US when members are caught and imprisoned."The reason they have 10,000 members in 40 states and theDistrict of Columbia is ...loopholes in our immigration laws and... porous borders." He noted that MS-13 has a motto that translates to "kill, rape, control." He gestured to a photo of a shotgun and a machete from MS-13 members caught in Woodbridge VA. "MS-13 members engage in indiscriminate violence... they recruit children to be their murderers."

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