From: “Bierman, Noah”

Date: January 25, 2018 at 3:31:26 PM GMT+1
Subject: Pool 7 - bilat w May

President Trump and PM May sat beside one another in a WEF conference room with aides on each side. Among them on US side: Gary Cohn, HR McMaster, Tillerson, Sarah Sanders.
Trump “Its a false rumor” that there is tension in the US-UK relationship.
“We’re on the same wavelength in I think every respect”
The two are “liking each other a lot” and “joined at the hip” when it comes to the military.
He looked at her and said there was nothing that would happen where the US would not be there for Britain.
May also reaffirmed the special relationship.
When asked about a state visit, May said it’s being discussed now. Trump seconded that.
No answers to shouted questions about the far right video retweet.
More to come.