*From:* Gillman, Todd [mailto:xxx@dallasnews.com]
*Sent:* Tuesday, February 6, 2018 3:16 PM
*Subject:* pool #8/correcting Kelly quotes on memo

My apologies for mushing together and partly mangling Kelly's quotes in the rush to get something out as the event began. The correct quotes, courtesy of Bloomberg's Jennifer Jacobs.

q. Has the president read the Democratic memo?
Kelly: "He has it. It's pretty lengthy."
q. Has he read the whole thing?
Kelly: "No, no, I just gave it to him."
q. He'll read it after this?
Kelly: "Oh, of course, yeah. We'll get some people down to brief him on it."

(For reference, the INCORRECT quote sent in report #3 was, asked if Trump had read the memo yet:"No no. It is quite lengthy.")

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