From: "Gillman, Todd"
Date: September 1, 2019 at 1:43:46 PM EDT
Subject: pool report #13/readout of FEMA Hurricane Dorian briefing

From the White House, after the travel/photo lid was called at 1:30pm:

President Donald J. Trump received a briefing today from senior members of his Administration and Governor Ron DeSantis of Florida, Governor Brian Kemp of Georgia, Governor Roy Cooper of North Carolina, and Governor Henry McMaster of South Carolina on the Federal and State efforts underway to prepare for and respond to Hurricane Dorian at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). He began the briefing by offering his deepest sympathies for the tragic events in Odessa, Texas yesterday, praised first responders for their response, and reaffirmed his commitment to working with Congress to take decisive action to stop the scourge of mass attacks, and to reduce violent crime in all of its evil forms.


President Trump stressed to the Governors participating in the briefing that the Federal Government’s top priorities as Hurricane Dorian approaches the East Coast are providing life-saving and life-sustaining support to the State managed and locally executed efforts, and his Administration stands ready to assist in their readiness, response, and recovery operations.

President Trump asked everyone in Hurricane Dorian’s path to pay close attention to this dangerous and potentially life threatening storm, and heed all warnings and evacuation orders from State and local authorities to minimize any unnecessary risks for the public and our brave first responders. He stressed the most important task is the protection of innocent life, and expressed concern for the tens of thousands of Americans in the Bahamas.

Following the briefing President Trump toured the National Response Coordination Center and commended the efforts of Federal and state emergency managers, our brave military, and first responders for their actions before, during, and after the impact of Hurricane Dorian.

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Washington Bureau Chief
The Dallas Morning News
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