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Pool Report #2
White House
April 23, 2018

Meeting in the Oval Office, POTUS again denounced the Iran agreement
as a "terrible deal" that was "insane" and "ridiculous" because it did
not deal with ballistic missiles or Iran's activities in places like
Yemen or Syria. But he said he would talk about whether to preserve it
with President Macron. "We made this terrible deal but we're going to
discuss it," he said.


POTUS went on to say that everywhere you look in the region, you find
Iran causing problems and he warned Iran not to restart its nuclear
program. "If they restart their nuclear program, they will have bigger
problems than they ever had before," he said.

President Macron said the Iran deal needed to be discussed in the
broader context of the region.


When Jon Karl asked POTUS if he would consider a pardon for Michael
Cohen, the president glared at Karl and snapped, "Stupid question."

POTUS gushed over his friendship with President Macron and at one
point brushed lint off the French leader's suit coat.


Prior to their meeting, the two presidents walked along the Colonnade
together to the Oval Office, chatting along the way without
translators. Just outside the Oval, the two stopped, turned to the
cameras and posed for pictures.

"He did a good job, a great job," POTUS said of President Macron.
"He's going to be a great president of France. Only a prediction."


Preceding them was a parade of American and French officials,
including Mike Pence, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner, Steve Mnuchin,
Wilbur Ross, John Bolton, Sarah Sanders, Rick Perry, Joseph Dunford,
Ryan Zinke, Scott Pruitt, Kellyanne Conway, Marc Short, Larry Kudlow,
Stephen Miller and Fiona Hill.

Now waiting for spray at expanded meeting.

Peter Baker
NY Times


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