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Subject: Pool report #2 - Trump National arrival

From: "Stokols, Eli"
Date: May 4, 2019 at 9:59:54 AM EDT
Subject: Pool report #2 - Trump National arrival

POTUS motorcade presumably arrived at Trump National in Sterling, Va. just before 10 a.m. after an uneventful ride across the Potomac. When the motorcade turned off of Algonkian Parkway toward the club, the press vans pulled left into a shopping center and we apparently will be holding at an Italian restaurant.


No explanation has been given as to why we did not follow POTUS into the club itself as the pool typically does.

It is quite grey and overcast but there is no rain in the forecast until late afternoon.


Pool will inquire about playing partners, as well as whether any official readout on POTUS’s phone call Friday with Russian President Vladimir Putin will be forthcoming.

Incidentally, Trump did tweet about that conversation while in the motorcade: ><


Eli Stokols
LA Times, Washington Bureau
303-xxx-xxxx (c)


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