*From:* Todd Gillman <xxx@dallasnews.com> *Date:* May 17, 2018 at 2:25:40 PM EDT
*Subject:* *Pool report #2a North Korea and China quotes*

Longer and corrected quote on status of North Korea summit:
"If the meeting happens, it happens and if it doesn't we go ONTO the next step..... our people are literally dealing with them right now in terms of making arrangements so that's a lot different than what you read, but oftentimes what you read, if it's not fake news, is true."
Correction on this "We lost 800 billion DOLLARS on trade last year of which China was$500billion."

ZTE "It was my administration with my full knowledge that put very very strong clamps on ZTE. It wasn't anybody else.it [ >http://else.it< ] wasn't President Obama. It wasn't President Bush. It was me."
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