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Subject: Pool report #3

*From:* Vivian Salama <>
*Date:* August 13, 2018 at 2:25:02 PM EDT
*Subject:* *Pool report #3*

Air Force One was wheels down atWheeler-Sack Army Air Field near Watertown, NY at 2:10 pm local after an uneventful flight.
Staffers spotted by fellow pooler Jill Colvin include Sarah Sanders, Stephen Miller, Derek Lyons, John Kelly.
President Trump stepped off AF1 at 2:20. A 21 gun salute salute kicked off when president Trump stepped off the plane and a military band played Hail to the Chief.
Vice President Mike Pence was the first to greet Mr. Trump at the airport. President Trump gave a salute before shaking the Vice Presidents hand. About a dozen men and women in fatigues were on hand to greet the president.


*_From the White House other airport greeters included:_*

__"Representative Elise Stefanik"

"United States Representative from New Yorks 21stCongressional District____"


"Major General Walter Walt Piatt____"

"Commanding General of 10thMountain Division and Fort Drum____"


"Cynthia Piatt____"

"Spouse of Major General Walter Walt Piatt____"


"Command Sergeant Major Samuel Jason Roark____"

"Command Sergeant Major of the 10thMountain Division and Fort Drum____"


"Specialist Michael Lima____"

"10thMountain Division Soldier of the Year"

The motorcade is rolling to Fort Drum as of 2:24pm. --
Vivian Salama
White House Reporter
The Wall Street Journal
m: +202-xxx-xxxx


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