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Subject: Pool Report #3

From: Peter Baker
Date: July 19, 2020 at 8:57:01 AM EDT
Subject: Pool Report #3

Pool Report #3

White House

July 19, 2020

The motorcade arrived at the Sterling club at 8:47 am for a presumed golf outing. If you picked Lindsey Graham in the who-is-the-mystery-guest pool, you're a winner.


Since Graham was in a different vehicle, it left plenty of time during the ride for tweeting about the "anarchists and agitators" in Portland. As the motorcade pulled into the club, it passed the same flatbed truck parked outside that was outside the entrance yesterday with a large billboard that read "TREASONOUS TRAITOR TRUMP."

Building on S.V. Dáte's numbers from yesterday, that would make today POTUS's 87th day trip to Sterling and his 260th day at one of his golf clubs since taking office.


Your pool is holding on the sunny, sweltering sidewalk outside the Italian restaurant at the nearby strip mall.

Peter Baker

NY Times (



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