Subject: Pool Report 5/Special Olympics event

From: "Jackson, David M"
Date: July 18, 2019 at 1:28:52 PM EDT
Subject: Pool Report 5/Special Olympics event

Pool Report 5
July 18, 2019
Special Olympics event

Special Olympics athletes gathered around President Trump's desk as he praised them for their success.


"What you have done is incredible," Trump told his guests. "All those medals."

First Lady Melania Trump, Vice President Pence, and Karen Pence also stood behind Trump as well.

In discussions with some of the athletes, one child talked about parents who had died.

“They’re proud of you,” Trump said. “They’re looking down on you and they see gold.”


An adult said one of the children had bragged that he had hair just like the president.

The team presented Trump with a shirt.

Trump announced that Karen Pence would represent the US at future Special Olympics event.


Said Karen Pence: “This is probably the highest honor I will ever have as Second Lady.”

David Jackson



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