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Subject: Pool Report #9 - Qs with reporters

Chris Johnson
Sent: Friday, April 24, 2020 12:45 PM
Subject: Pool Report #9 - Qs with reporters


Listen: >< (%3ehttps:/


On Rick Wright:
“Don’t know him”
Adds he hasn’t started an inquiry on why he was let go
Asks how he can file a whistleblower complaint if everyone knows who he is

On Postal Service getting money:
Mnuchin says he working on that.
POTUS, however: “The Post Office is a joke.”
“The Post Office should raise the price or package four times.”
“If they don’t raise the price, I’m not signing anything.”
Adds he won’t allow Mnuchin to do anything if prices aren’t raised.


On injection remarks:
“I was asking a sarcastically to reporters just like you to see what would happen.”

On helping oil industry:
“That industry got unnecessarily hurt”
Filing up strategic reserves
“We will make the energy business great again.”


Taking stakes in energy companies?
Mnuchin says he’s looking at alternatives
“You can assume that’s one of the alternatives.”

POTUS adds companies could be helped by massive purchases from U.S. government
Applies that idea to airlines, buying tickets, but adds airlines are set now


On issue of energy companies facing discrimination:
“You can’t be afraid of the radical left.”
“Paris Accord basically took your wealth away.”

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