Subject: President Donald J. Trump Is Advancing Our Partnership with Japan as We Work Toward a New Era of Global Cooperation and Shared Prosperity

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
May 25, 2019

“The friendship between Japan and the United States has never been closer. I truly believe it has never been closer than it is today. And the bonds between our people have never been stronger.” – President Donald J. Trump
A HISTORIC NEW ERA: President Donald J. Trump and First Lady Melania Trump congratulate Japan on their new era of Reiwa and look forward to a great friendship and bright future.
* Earlier this month, the Japanese people welcomed the new Imperial Era of “Reiwa,”which means “beautiful harmony.”
* In the spirit of this new era, President Trump recommits the United States to advancing our strong partnership and achieving our shared vision of a free and open Indo-Pacific region.
* Since his election, President Trump has worked with Prime Minister Abe to build a true global partnership centered on robust security, technological advancement, and economic progress.
* Together, the United States and Japan are defending free and open societies while taking steps to further strengthen our nations and achieve true, shared prosperity.

EXPANDING OUR PARTNERSHIP: President Trump is expanding cooperation with Japan and working to address emerging challenges by making our alliance more robust and adaptable.
* President Trump and Prime Minister Abe are working to build a network of alliances and partnerships, anchored by the United States-Japan Alliance.
* Together, we are advancing a rules-based maritime order, improving energy and digital network security, strengthening nuclear security, and boosting natural disaster resiliency.
* The United States and Japan share a vital security partnership, which includes the sale and transfer of defense systems between our two countries.
+ Japan is one of the world’s largest purchasers of the American-made F-35 jet and has invested in other United States defense systems.
+ The United States is committed to realigning its Armed Forces in Japan to achieve optimal operational readiness, maintain deterrent capabilities, and preserve peace.
* To protect sensitive and vital information, we are strengthening information security practices, and the United States-Japan partnership in digital economy ensures that cyberspace adheres to international laws and norms.

ADVANCING OUR SHARED PROSPERITY: President Trump is committed to achieving fair, balanced, and mutually beneficial trade and investment between the United States and Japan.
* Last fall, President Trump and Prime Minister Abe agreed to enter into negotiations for a United States-Japan Trade Agreement, a process that is currently ongoing.
* Since 2017, we have negotiated numerous beneficial agreements on energy. Both sides are promoting high quality and transparent infrastructure investments worth billions of dollars.
* Additionally, the United States and Japan are cooperating through the Japan-United States Strategic Energy Partnership to grow sustainable and secure energy markets across the world.
* The United States and Japan are cooperating to advance our shared interests in space, including accelerating NASA’s return to the Moon.
* President Trump and Prime Minister Abe are championing young leaders in the region, working to unlock greater private investment for partner countries and combatting corruption worldwide.



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