Subject: President Donald J. Trump Is Protecting the American Automobile Industry and Its Vital Role in Our National Security

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
May 17, 2019



** “America is being respected again, and America is winning again, because we are finally putting America first.” – President Donald J. Trump

PROTECTING AMERICAN AUTOS: President Donald J. Trump is taking action to protect the American automobile industry, its workforce, and American innovation.
* Today, President Trump issued a proclamation directing his Administration to pursue negotiations to protect the American automobile industry.
* At the President’s direction, the United States Trade Representative will immediately pursue negotiations to address the national security threat caused by imports of foreign-made automobiles and parts.
* If insufficient progress is made to address the national security threat after 180 days, President Trump will determine whether and what further action needs to be taken.

DEFENDING OUR ECONOMIC SECURITY: Our domestic automobile industry is threatened by excessive imports of foreign-made automobiles and automobile parts.
* These actions follow an investigation by the Department of Commerce, which identified significant foreign threats to the American-owned automobile industry.
* Our Nation’s defense and military superiority depends on the competitiveness of our automobile industry and the research and development that it generates.
+ The United States defense industrial base depends on the American-owned automotive sector for innovation and technologies that are essential to our national security.
* American-owned producers’ share of the global automobile market fell from 36 percent in 1995 to just 12 percent in 2017.
+ Further, American-made automobiles now account for only 22 percent of automobiles sold in the United States.
* Production of American-made autos has been declining for years, while foreign-made imports have flooded the United States market.
+ In 2017 alone, the United States imported over $191 billion worth of automobiles.
* Unfair trade barriers, like those in the European Union, Japan, and other countries, further exacerbate the effects of imports on American automobile producers.
* Excessive imports have weakened American producers’ ability to invest in research and develop new technologies.

PUTTING AMERICA FIRST: President Trump is working to ensure our trade relationships protect our national security, defend our economic interests, and safeguard American innovation.
* Last year, President Trump implemented tariffs to protect our steel and aluminum manufacturers, which are vital to our national security.
* The President negotiated the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA), which will be an incredible boost to American automotive manufacturing.
+ USMCA is projected to generate $34 billion in new automotive manufacturing investments and 76,000 automobile industry jobs in the United States.
* President Trump also took action to significantly improve the United States-Korea Free Trade Agreement, securing key improvements to help protect America’s automobile industry.



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