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Subject: Remarks by President Trump Before Air Force One Departure

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
March 28, 2020


Joint Base Andrews, Maryland


12:36 P.M. EDT

Q Thank you, Mr. President. Just a quick clarification on the total quarantine you’re talking about for New York City. Would you --


THE PRESIDENT: Well, we’re looking at it. We’re looking at it, and we’ll be making a decision. A lot of the states that aren’t infected, that don’t have a big problem, they’ve asked me if I’d look at it. So we’re going to look at it. And it will be for a short period of time, if we do it at all.

Q Would it be --

THE PRESIDENT: It’ll be New York.

Q Would you call up the National Guard?

THE PRESIDENT: It’ll be New York, parts of Connecticut, and parts of New Jersey.


Q And then, do you close down the subway? Do you close down the bridges, the tunnels?

THE PRESIDENT: No, we won’t do that. We’re talking about leaving New York. Leaving New York. They go to Florida, and a lot of people don’t want that. So we’ll see what happens. We’re going to make a decision.


Q Would you use the military for that, sir? Would you call up the Guard?

THE PRESIDENT: We’re not going to need much. The people of New York, they understand it better than anybody, and they’ll be great. I’ll speak to the governor about it later.


Q Thank you.

Q Can you speak a little bit about the congressional oversight? Can you assure the American people that the money will be appropriately --


THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, we have a great oversight -- a great oversight committee. We have a lot of people watching. It’s a wonderful thing we’ve done for the workers and for the citizens. It’s really, potentially, $6.2 trillion. And a lot of people are going to work, and it’ll bring back the economy, I think, very fast. Okay?

Q But what do you think about Democrats criticizing you that you’re overriding this congressional oversight?


THE PRESIDENT: Well, they couldn’t be criticizing me because we got a unanimous vote. How can they possibly criticize me? They just gave me -- she’s saying they’re criticizing me, the Democrats. Why did they vote for it? We got a unanimous vote.

Q Thank you, Mr. President.


END 12:38 P.M. EDT



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