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July 13, 2018

*Statements of Support for Judge Brett Kavanaugh Pour In*

This week, 18 of Judge Brett Kavanaughs female law clerks, 26 State Attorneys General, and more than 160 members of the Yale University community have signed letters praising his unsurpassed qualifications for a seat on the United States Supreme Court.

Judge Kavanaughs female law clerks speak highly of the support and mentorship that he has provided, stating unequivocally that he has been one of the strongest advocates in the federal judiciary for women lawyers.

Starting with the numbers, Judge Kavanaugh has hired 25 women and 23 men as law clerks, achieving rare gender parity. That includes one year in which the Judge hired four women law clerkssomething we understand had never previously been done at the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit. And he has sent 21 of those 25 women clerksan impressive 84 percenton to clerkships at the Supreme Court. During his White House remarks on July 9, 2018, Judge Kavanaugh said: I look for the best. We are proud that so many of those hires have been talented women.

A majority of the Nations State Attorneys General are urging the United States Senate to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, describing him as an outstanding jurist with a proven commitment to upholding the Constitution and the rule of law.


We have no doubt that he possesses the qualifications, temperament, and judicial philosophy to be an excellent Associate Justice. Throughout his career, Judge Kavanaugh has demonstrated an abiding commitment to the principles and freedoms on which our country was founded, and an unshakable respect for the proper role of the courts within our constitutional structure. The Senate should confirm Judge Kavanaugh without delay.

Yale students, alumni, and faculty signed a letter highlighting Judge Kavanaugh as a faithful servant to his community and praising him as one of our nations most distinguished jurists.

Throughout his time on the federal bench, Judge Kavanaugh has been a valuable friend to the Yale community, visiting frequently to speak on important topics and to encourage admitted students to begin their legal careers in New Haven. More importantly, Judge Kavanaugh has been a faithful servant to his community in the Washington D.C. area. He is a basketball coach for his daughters teams, and a regular volunteer with Catholic Charities. As the many students he has mentored will attest, he is a person of deep conviction and integrity. We are proud of Judge Kavanaughs nomination, and believe that his accomplishments and qualifications speak for themselves.


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