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*Subject:* *Travel #8b -- More color from Windsor and correx on Queen's outfit*

Windsor Castle, one of the queen's favorite retreats away from Buckingham Palace -- and far away from the protest-swarmed streets of London -- is intricate (on the outside, at the very least) down to the smallest detail: Even the window panes are inlaid with tiny royal crests.
When POTUS and FLOTUS stood on the dais with the queen, he turned to her and spoke for a second, and she nodded. She then pointed toward an approaching member of the guard, and the president looked again toward the guard on the quadrangle.
As POTUS and the queen strolled around the quadrangle reviewing the guard, they did not engage in much chitchat, but then again, it was loud. As the president neared the assembled pool, he alternated between look straight ahead toward the cameras and turning his head down to look at the queen. Then the pair turned and made their way back to the dais where the queen was waiting.
On the dais at one point, while POTUS was gazing either upward at the castle or toward the guard, FLOTUS and the queen exchanged warm smiles.
Background on Windsor from the royal communications office tells us that this is not the 92-year-old queen's first rodeo: She has met eleven out of twelve serving US Presidents during her reign, according to that office. The only one she didn't meet was President Johnson. She has hosted several other presidents at Windsor: President and Mrs Obama (Windsor 2016) 2. President and Mrs George W. Bush (Windsor 2008) 3. President and Mrs Reagan (Windsor 1982).
(A note about that Philip-less Range Rover: The queen's husband, Prince Philip, officially retire [ >https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/39802253< ]d from royal duties last summer. He drove the Obamas around Windsor in 2016. h/t Michelle Moons @ Breitbart.)
More background: The 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards is one of the British Army's longest serving units. As well as operational duties, the Coldstream Guards also have a ceremonial role as The Queen's Guard, protecting the Royal Palaces, including Windsor Castle and Buckingham Palace. The Band of the Coldstream Guards is one of the oldest and best-known military marching bands in the world.

Correx on the queen's outfit: Queen was actually not wearing a skirt suit -- she was wearing a blue day coat with matching hat over a yellow and blue floral outfit, either a dress or skirt, not going to get ahead of myself. Pearls, white gloves, black loafers.
Your pooler asked the royal communications office about any additional details about what will be served at the tea. The royal communications office said they will not be releasing details.
Your pool is still on the ground at Windsor, holding in a large osprey, probably dirtying the queen's grass.

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