From: “Bierman, Noah”

Date: January 25, 2018 at 5:23:43 PM GMT+1
Subject: travel pool 11 — Trump’s arrival at WEF (out of sequence)

Pool was not present when President Trump gave brief remarks upon arriving at the World Economic Forum conference center. Reporter Heather Timmons graciously passed on this account:

A crowd of Davos attendees gathered three and four people deep around the balcony overlooking the wide staircase Trump was expected to ascend, cell phones held aloft. Some kneeled on the white leatherette bench that that hugs the glass topped balcony, craning their heads over the side.
When Trump entered the room below, the crowd fell silent except for the sound of cameras clicking and the slightly ominous music that came from an overhead projection that’s been broadcast on one wall all week. He wore a long dark coat and his hair shone golden in the stage lighting overhead. As he slowly ascended the stairs, people started to shout questions. “Are you going to be treated well,” asked one man, most likely a reporter.
“You tell me,” the president replied.