From: Bierman, Noah
Sent: Thursday, January 25, 2018 1:09 PM
Subject: Travel pool 12 — brief hall comments


Good evening,

Your poolers were excluded from some more impromptu comments made by President Trump in the hallway of the conference center at the World Economic Forum. Co-poolers generously helped find parts of the video and transcript. Please check against the video:


Q: Mr. President how’s the conference going?

TRUMP: “Really good. It’s been very successful.”

Q: What’s your message to Davos?

TRUMP: “I think the real message is we want great prosperity and we want great peace and I think that’s the message. It’s been going really well. A lot of people are coming back to the United States. We are seeing tremendous investment and today has been a very exciting day. Very great day and great for our country. Thank you very much.”


Trump then ignored shouted questions about critics who say he’s rubbing elbows with big-wigs and the potential of a trade war with China.


Q: Is America great?

Trump: “America’s great”

Q: Is everybody else great?

“Everyone’s great,” Trump said, turning his head toward the questioner as he walked through the convention hallway.