*From:* "Feldmann, Linda" <xxx@csps.com>
*Date:* September 7, 2018 at 5:27:51 PM CDT
*Subject:**Travel pool #14 - Trump remarks at Sioux Falls SD fundraising event, motorcade rolling*

*POTUS entered fundraiser for *Noem-Rhoden Victory Committee at 4:45 pm - in a bare-bones medium-large event space in Denny Sanford Convention Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Rough estimate of crowd, 500-600 people - dress is pretty casual (khakis, jeans, polo shirts, sweatshirts), some men wearing blazers, a few wearing MAGA caps.
Rep. Kristi Noem, GOP candidate for governor, introduced POTUS. Only signs in the room, along side walls, say "Kristi Noem for Governor". Six American flags lined up on stage. That's it for decor.
POTUS speaks:

Shoutouts to Rep. Kristi Noem, GOP gubernatorial candidate; Sen. John Thune, Gov. Dennis Daugaard, Sen. Mike Rounds, Lt. Gov candidate Larry Rhoden.

Talks about Dem candidate Billie Sutton and taxes, then segues into immigration.

They say walls dont work. Tell Israel that the wall didnt work.

Talks up Judge Kavanaugh. Hopefully in a short period of time, hopefully Oct. 1 .. hell be sitting there proudly.


Re shouting in confirmation hearing: Theyre all running for president - I hope, I hope.

Theyve gone totally over the edge.

* *

President Obama made a speech today

I did start watching it, but sadly, I fell asleep. That seems to be the quote of the day.


Im telling you, our military was a mess [Now] we have the most beautiful planes on order that youve ever seen.

We make the greatest military equipment in the world. We have the greatest talent in the world, and it all means jobs.

Talks about building up nuclear arsenals. I hate to do it, but says he has to.

Talks about North Korea. Obama had told him NK was the single biggest problem. I said, did anybody talk to him? .. They, the fake news media, thought my rhetoric was far too tough. They said hes going to start a nuclear war.


We have lousy libel laws.

Hey Mike and John, can you do something about the libel laws? (addressing Senators Rounds and Thune)

Complains about media saying he was too nice to Putin. Thats the first time Ive ever been called too nice!


We talked about the safety of Israel, Ukraine, Syria, it was a very very productive meeting. But the media didnt like it.

Talks about crime rate, murder rate in Chicago. Praises Rudy Giuliani for bringing down NYC crime rate. You need the right person.

The Woodward book is a total fraud. Libel laws, libel laws, Mike and John. (to Rounds and Thune)


Talks economy - low unemployment claims, high economic growth, growth in pensions, 401ks. Low unemployment among various demographic groups. People getting off food stamps. Medicare will be stronger, due to economic growth.

Talks up Kristi Noem again as remarks drawing to close. Invites her back on stage. "I'm not doing this for every governor."


POTUS wrapped up remarks at 5:22 pm. Motorcade rolling to airport at 5:25 pm.


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