From: “Bierman, Noah”

Date: January 25, 2018 at 8:31:42 PM GMT+1
Subject: Travel pool 15— dinner spray color

The pool was allowed to observe 20 minutes of comments from President Trump’s European Business Leaders dinner. There was no news. Like Trump’s cabinet meetings, he went around the table, asking each participant to discuss their businesses and most volunteered the number of American employees they had, their gratitude for his tax cut and deregulation policy, or both. Trump did not answer shouted questions.Please see video – it was broadcast live – and transcript for quotes.President Trump’s eyes narrowed, as he looked a bit tired by the jetlag and long trip. But he seemed to enjoy the camaraderie with businessmen, joking with them about their success and lofty responsibilities, and nodding in agreement as they spoke about their large manufacturing capacity and thousands of US-based employees. Among the topics discussed: Kanye West’s role in designing Adidas shoes, Mack Trucks made by Volvo, Nestlé’s non-chocolate business portfolio.Among Trump’s asides: “When he says he works for Siemens, he’s the president of Siemens!...Wow, that’s big!....Good luck with the G.E. purchase.”Trump spoke about the thriving American economy – crediting his tax policies, deregulation and his role as a cheerleader for American business.
The table was long and intimate. In addition to Trump, who sat in the middle and wore a blue tie and American flag pin, there were 20 men and one woman, Kirstjen Nielsen, the Homeland Security secretary. Midway through, Rex Tillerson walked in but did not immediately take a seat among the other top aides, including H.R. McMaster and Gary Cohn. Also at the table was WEF founder Klaus Schwab, whom Trump repeatedly called “the professor.”
Behind the table were two large television screens — turned off—nine large American flags and two orchid arrangements. The table included four orchid arrangements. Each setting had three or four glasses for water, two kinds of wine, etc. The entrée menu listed a choice of salads and two entrees: grilled beef tenderloin and green pea puree or fried Swiss pikeperch with purple carrot puree.
The room was industrial, with open ceilings and WEF decals on the sides showing pictures of development projects around the world, tributes to infrastructure and slogans about the future of the world: “Responsible consumption and production.”
We are almost through with the day, special thanks to very helpful co-poolers, especially Anne Gearan.