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Subject: Travel pool #2: Gidley Gaggle - Plastic guns, border security, Facebook, tax cuts, Iran

*From:* Rogers, Katie <>
*Sent:* Tuesday, July 31, 2018 5:36 PM
*Subject:* Travel pool #2: Gidley Gaggle - Plastic guns, border security, Facebook, tax cuts, Iran

AF1 landed at 5:29 p.m.

Hogan Gidley gaggled for about about midway through the two-hour flight.

Check against transcript but are some highlights:

*On plastic guns:* "The president is committed to the safety and security of all Americans and considers this his highest responsibility. In the United States, it is currently illegal to own or make a wholly, plastic gun of any kind -- including those made on a 3D printer. The administration supports this nearly two-decade old law. We will continue to look at all options available to us to do what is necessary to protect Americans while also supporting the First and Second amendments."


He referred any NRA discussion the POTUS had back to POTUS's tweet.

*On Facebook and political interference: *"The president has made it clear that his administration will not tolerate foreign interference into our electoral process from any nation state or other malicious actors. The NSC has put out a statement on this matter and I would refer you to that statement in its entirety."


*On government shutdown threats over border security:* "I just spoke to him about the issue and he was very clear with me that what he wants is our immigration laws fixed. He wants a lasting solution so that we're not in the same boat five years down the road. He wants Democrats to come to the table and stop playing politics with people's lives. He said whether a shutdown happens before or after the elections his focus is getting the problem fixed. It's been a 40-year problem in the making, it's been dumped on his plate, he wants to fix it."

*On political fallout over government shutdown threats:* "There's much more at stake here than political fallout. This is about protecting a country and protecting a nation."


*On enacting $100 billion in tax cuts in a way that would bypass Congress: *"There's been a great deal of interest in this provision for a long time. The treasury is currently evaluating the economic impact to see whether or not it requires any legislation"

*On any communication lines being opened with Iran:* "That's not changed ... He does want to meet, he wants to come to a solution and we have an announcement we'll let you know."


*On journalists being the enemy of the people:* "It seems as though no matter how good the news is, the press refuses to cover it that way, and it's quite frustrating for him ... The successes continue for this president but the coverage continues to be negative. That's frustrating for him and it would be frustrating for anybody."

*North Korea developing missiles: *"I'm also not going to confirm or deny those reports. But look, the president has seen some successes coming out of that meeting and we know them, with the four detainees that were returned, North Korea not firing off a missile or a rocket in nine months, doing so many other things that is moving toward what the president ultimately wanted from that meeting which is complete verifiable, irreversible denuclearization ... but it's going to take some time. The president has been encouraged also that North Korea returned the remains ... those are all efforts in good faith but the president has been clear-eyed on this matter."


*On the president tracking the Manafort trial: "*Ihaven't spoken with him about that.

*Why is Eric Trump on this trip? *"I don't know."

Also, Matt Gates, a Republican congressman from Florida, briefly poked his head into the press cabin and remarked that the journalists had been fed first. Hogan said he'll send along more info about who was traveling aboard.


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White House Correspondent

The New York Times

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