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*Subject:* *Travel Pool #3a: RNC arrival*

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In response to a question, pool is holding at the corner of Country Club Drive and Cleburne St on the edge of the Greensboro Country Club. Its not clear which of the homes at this intersection the president is in. No one in our pool van saw him enter, and its quite dark.

*From:* Francesca Chambers
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*Subject:* Travel Pool #3: RNC arrival

The motorcade arrived at the private residence where POTUS will spend his evening at 7:05 pm.

Protesters and supporters were lined up down an adjacent road in anticipation of the presidents arrival. It was dark and rainy and your pooler couldnt make out any of the signs they were holding. Wires saw a sign that said covfefe crew, as well as a sign that said Trump with a heart around the presidents last name, however.


Pool is holding in a set of vans outside for the durations.

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