*From:* Linda Feldmann <xxx@csps.com> *Date:* February 2, 2018 at 7:30:14 PM EST
*Subject:* *Travel pool 4- mar a lago/ lid*

Motorcade entered Mar-a-Lago compound at 7:17 pm. Then press vans wound our way back to Southern Blvd, and headed to press hotel.

Many onlookers cheered the motorcade on our way to MAL. Signs sighted:

Trump 2020
More winning please
Welcome home, Trump
Thank you, Trump
Investigate the FBI (the 7th floor!!)
Dogs heart trump
Fake news, fake sources
Illegal is not a race
In Trump we trust

Flags seen: Israeli
Dont tread on me

Also sighted: Trump Box Mobile

Travel photo lid called at 7:22 pm.


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