*From:* Linda Feldmann <xxx@csps.com> *Date:* February 3, 2018 at 2:58:53 PM EST
*Subject:* *Travel pool 4- return to MAL/ lid*

Motorcade arrived Mar-a-Lago at 2:41 pm, pool vans peeled off without entering the grounds.

Dozens of onlookers and signs on road to MAL, including:

In Trump I trust
Trump didnt create your hate, he revealed it
Snowflakes melt in Florida
Nurses for Trump *this military wife supports Trump
My 401k thanks Trump

Travel photo lid called at 2:53 pm

FYI I asked WH press staffer here if Potus golfed at the club, and if so, with whom. Or who did he hang out with. Will report if I learn anything.

Linda Feldmann

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