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*Subject:* *[EXTERNAL] Travel pool #5*

Motorcade passed broken highway dividers and hundreds of downed trees on the way to next event, as small pockets of local residents could be seen along the route taking photos. One woman held up a sign that read "You are a bad hombre."

POTUS arrived at a walking tour in the Guaynabo vicinity and took a photo with a family along with the governor and congresswoman. Both First Ladies posed for a photo with the family and the governor.


Trump spoke with the son of the family asking him if he was a basketball player and if he was going to be in the NBA. The teenager responded yes and Trump was impressed.

Pool asked a resident who had climbed a fence to get a better look of Trump with his son if he was happy that he had come. "Yes of course it's the first time I have the president so close to me," he said in Spanish.

Trump then moved to the next family and could be heard saying "the concrete holds up but the wood doesn't," to A man with a US army hat.

Trump asked the family Did you have fear the second floor was going to go?

"Thank you for being here, it's so good to see you," the man said in Spanish.

Walking up to the next family Trump said, "Great looking family and they said thank you MR president


They told Trump that they Haven't had electricity since Irma

"You always come back," Trump said of bouncing back from devastation. "Puerto Rico is Puerto Rico," the male resident responded


Trump asked the family if they felt safe during the hurricane, if their house held up. "Did you feel safe? Not a lot of vibration?"

"We're going to help you out," he added.

"Yes let's get a picture," Trump saidz

The next family told Puerto Rico's First Lady that they had been trapped in their home.


"You know who helped them? God helped them. That's right," Trump said

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