From: "Bierman, Noah"
Date: November 9, 2019 at 4:40:35 PM CST
Subject: Travel pool #7 — halftime


Trump was standing, waving and fist pumping from his box and pointing to people in the crowd near him who were waving and taking pictures. On the field, the Alabama band was saluting the military by playing each branch’s theme song as the announcer named the branch. It’s hard to see Trump’s face from here but he appears to be enjoying it.


Then the announcer asked the crowd to stand together to sing “America the Beautiful” to honor fallen soldiers. Trump was standing straight with his arms to his side and staring ahead solemnly. First Lady was next to him with similar pose.

As band reached crescendo, there were flags waving on some screens and loud cheers.


As the band concluded and the announcer said “Roll Tide,” Trump applauded.

He appears to have moved toward the back of the box with his back to us.

Pool is returning to our hold.


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