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Subject: travel pool #9/Meadows gaggle

From: "Gillman, Todd"
Date: July 15, 2020 at 6:12:14 PM EDT
Subject: travel pool #9/Meadows gaggle

Air Force One touched down at Joint Base Andrews at 6:05 p.m.
Chief of staff Mark Meadows gaggle for 20 minutes or so near the end of the flight from Atlanta.
Quick highlights, and more to come:

"There are a number of administration officials who are looking at the national security risk as it relates to tik tok, we chat and other apps that have the potential for national security exposure, specifically as it relates to the gathering of information on American citizens by a foreign adversary."


"I dont think there's any self imposed deadline for action, but i think we are looking at weeks, not months."

Navarro v Fauci
"Peter Navarro's statement or op ed or whatever you want to classify it as was an independent action that was a violation of well established protocols that was not supported overtly or covertly by anybody in the west wing"


Repudiate? Says he hadn't read it.
"I think Peter Navarro spoke for himself. Any comments really just need to reflect Peter Navarro's personal thinking"

Fireable offense? "I dont talk about personnel matters"
Trump's response? "The president spoke for himself, that he didn't condone what peter Navarro said or did. I think he spoke for himself. To characterize it any differently than what the president expressed for himself would not be appropriate.


Ruth Bader Ginsburg out of the hospital but would POTUS try to name a new Supreme Court justice if there’s a vacancy before Election Day?
“I can’t imagine that if he had a vacancy on the Supreme Court that he would not very quickly make the appointment and look for the Senate to take quick action. That being said, we’re glad that Ruth Bader Ginsburg is well and out of the hospital and I don’t want any comment there to be a suggestion that we do anything but wish her the very best in health.”

“The WHO withdrawal is complete…. The coverup that continues to be unveiled with regards to the WHO in their lack of transparency, in their lack of insight and visibility into what happened in China should be troubling to all Americans and to the entire world. To suggest that we should be supporting the WHO when they failed on their number one job, which is to stop pandemics, is troubling.”
with co-pooler Michael Shear


Todd J. Gillman
Washington Bureau Chief
The Dallas Morning News
M: 202-xxx-xxxx (


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