From: “Ballhaus, Rebecca”

Date: January 26, 2018 at 1:40:11 PM GMT+1
Subject: [WHCA Print] [WH Pool] Travel pool 9 — Speech excerpts

White House onpasses:
Davos Speech Excerpts 
I am here today to represent the interests of the American People, and to affirm America’s friendship and partnership in building a better world. Like all nations represented at this forum, America hopes for a future in which everyone can prosper, and every child can grow up free from violence, poverty, and fear. 
The world is witnessing the resurgence of a strong and prosperous America…There has never been a better time to hire, to build, to invest and to grow in the United States. AMERICA IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS AND WE ARE COMPETITIVE ONCE AGAIN.

I believe in America. As President of the United States, I will always put America First. Just like the leaders of other countries should put their countries first. But America First does not mean America alone. 
When the United States grows, so does the world. American prosperity has created countless jobs around the globe and the drive for excellence, creativity and innovation in the United States has led to important discoveries that help people everywhere live more prosperous and healthier lives. 
We will enforce our trade laws and restore integrity to the trading system. Only by insisting on FAIR and RECIPROCAL trade can we create a system that works not just for the United States but for all nations. 
To be successful, it is not enough to invest in our economy – we must invest in OUR PEOPLE. When people are forgotten, the world becomes fractured. Only by hearing and responding to the voices of the forgotten can we create a bright future that is truly shared by all.