Subject: Travel pool report #18 - Trump speaking to the pool

Date: June 30, 2019 at 5:15:30 PM GMT+9
Subject: Travel pool report #18 - Trump speaking to the pool

After saying goodbye to Kim, President Trump stopped for a few minutes to talk with the pool inside the Freedom House (Mike Pompeo standing behind him).
Highlights below (the remarks were broadcasted live).

« We just had a very very good meeting with Chairman Kim »
« This was a great day »
« It will be even more historic of something comes out »
Talking about the progress accomplished over the last two and a half years:
« You don’t report it accurately but that’s OK. Some day history will record it accurately »
« A lot of great triumphs have been based on relationships »
« We are going to have teams, they are going to meet over the next weeks, they are going to start a process and we will see what happens »
President Moon then said a few words, praising President Trump’s « creative and bold approach ».
POTUS then spoke again.
« We want to get it right »
Asked about the very moment he crossed the line, POTUS answered:
“I said: would you like me to come across, he said: I would be honored »
“I did not really know what he was going to say »
Talking about his bilat with Kim:
« We had a pretty long chat, I guess one hour or something »
« Pretty much the initial talks are going to be between the United States and North Korea”
Inviting Kim to the White House?
“I would certainly extend the invite”
Sanctions ?
“The sanctions remain but at some point during the negotiations things can happen”

Pool back in the bus, driving back to the landing zone.

Jerome Cartillier
AFP White House Correspondent
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