Subject: Travel Pool Report #2 - color and gaggle

*From:* Francesca Chambers <> *Date:* February 5, 2018 at 1:39:29 PM EST
*Subject:**Travel Pool Report #2 - color and gaggle*

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On the plane today with the president aside from FLOTUS: Stephen Miller, Kellyanne Conway, Dan Scavino, Rob Porter, Keith Kellogg, Jim Renacci, Shahira Knight, Steve Mnuchin, Stephanie Grisham.

Prior to the presidents arrival, Kellyanne Conway stopped by the press cabin and pool had an informal conversation with her about the Super Bowl (which she attended).


Stephanie Grisham came back during the flight, as well. She says FLOTUS office will provide a readout on the first ladys stop at the childrens hospital after it has finished.

Raj Shah came back and took questions from the press for roughly 11 minutes, first half was memo heavy. Second half was on an array of topics, including John Kasich, a CR and DACA.


Heres some highlights more to come.

*Said Nunes memo should be released before hed read it same feeling for Dem memo?*



Im not gonna characterize his feelingWe will be considering it just as we did the Nunes memo?


*Has he spoken with Rosenstein since the memo & does he still have confidence in DAG?*


Theres no consideration about any personnel moves at the DOJ.

*FISA warrant should it be released? and what about a second special counsel?*


Presidents attorneys have addressed this and said yes to a second special counsel.


FISA: That document along with any other that the House Intelligence Committee chooses to vote out of its committee through its process and all the House procedures, we would entertain like anything else.

*Will Gov. Kasich be at the event? Renacci on the flight, is he endorsing him?*


Well, this isnt a political event. The presidents there to talk about the tax cut bill that Congressman Renacci and many other Republicans in the House and Senate voted for.


Said Sen. Portman will be at the event, as well.

*Was the governor invited to the event?*

Im not aware.

*Spending authority will run out what would the president like to see happen?*


Reiterated support for a two-year agreement on budget caps that give certainty to federal agencies and military. Moving from stop-gap measure to stop-gap measure is no way to govern. Were disappointed in Congress that were potentially facing something like that. Wed also extend this message to Democrats, which is that last time we got to the brink, they chose to, you know, kind of prefer the interests of people who are here illegally over people here lawfully and the government they depend upon, including the military, vulnerable children, border patrol agents and federal workers. We hope they dont make that decision again.


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