*From:* Andrew Restuccia <xxx@politico.com>
*Date:* November 14, 2017 at 3:13:54 PM GMT+8
*Subject:* *[EXTERNAL] Travel pool report #3 -- 11/14/17 -- helicopter/Air Force One *

After a short motorcade ride, helicopters lifted off at 2:59 pm local and they touched down at 3:06 pm.

Marine One touched down a few minutes later at 3:08 pm.

POTUS, earring a blue tie, exited Marine One, wales to Air Force One, shook a few people's hands and scaled the stairs. He entered Air Force One at 3:12 pm and waved.


Some notes on the departure form the East Asia Summit/ASEAN meeting:

Trump did not stay for family photo with the 18 members of the East Asia Summit. The event was running behind schedule and he opted to leave.


Some quick notes on Trump's remarks before we left the convention center. They were hard to hear, but they were largely repetitive if his previous comments about the trip:

-he said his planned post-Asia-trip announcement at the White House will take place either on Wednesday or Thursday, saying it's up in the air because the media is tires and he wants to accommodate us.

-he said the trip was "tremendously successful."

-"We've explained that the United States is open for trade, but reciprocal trade."


-"I've made a lot of friends at he highest levels," trump said of the trip.

-on his welcome in China: "people really have never seen anything like it."

-he said the last administration had a "a lot of problems" in terms of their relationship with the Philippines, saying it was "horrible."


"It is very important that we get along with the Philippines and we do," he said, calling it a "strategic location."

- on the trip overall: "I think the fruits of are going to be incredible."

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