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Subject: Travel pool report 3: Chiba landing

From: "Rogers, Katie"
Date: May 26, 2019 at 9:09:24 AM GMT+9
Subject: Travel pool report 3: Chiba landing

Chiba, Japan

Pool landed on the golf course in Chiba at 8:52 am after about a 30 minute ride from Tokyo. On the way, we saw breathtaking views of Japan, including the Tokyo Tower and the rolling, forested hills of Chiba, from our chopper. Barely a cloud in the sky.


POTUS landed in Marine One at 9:05 am. where at least 13 golf carts awaited. Your pooler spotted one golf cart (marked U.S. Cart 2) reserved for Nick Luna, the president’s body man.

PM Abe, dressed in a blue blazer and white pants, rolled up in a golf cart to meet POTUS, who is wearing a red jacket and carrying a red hat in his hand. The two shook hands and walked together. The president waved at the pool. He did not respond to shouted questions. The duo got into the golf cart. PM Abe drove.


Pool will be taken to a hold while the two golf.

Katie Rogers
White House Correspondent
The New York Times
(646) -xxx-xxxx


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