Subject: Travel pool report #4d - More POTUS quotes (impeachment)

Date: December 3, 2019 at 11:15:35 AM GMT
Subject: Travel pool report #4d - More POTUS quotes (impeachment)

Q: Does the impeachment inquiry weaken your position here at NATO?
POTUS: “I don’t think so. I know most of the leaders. I get along with them. It’s a hoax. The impeachment is a hoax. It’s turned out to be a hoax. It’s done for purely political gain. They’re going to see whether or not they can do something in 2020 because otherwise they’re going to lose. It’s turning out — and you’re seeing it better than anybody. I read something in your paper the other day that it’s having a reverse effect, which some people thought it might have. I didn’t know. But I can tell you the districts where I won, and then they had an election in between mine, they had an election and other people got in, Democrats got in, those districts are leaning very big toward me...
“It’s really having a tremendous impact and a lot of Democrats, I hear, are very upset. They just got back from their districts and I hear they’re very upset. The impeachment witch hunt, it’s really just a continuation of the hoax that’s been taking place for the last three years, and I think you know that.”
Q: Does it cast a cloud as you’re trying to negotiate?
POTUS: “I think it’s very unpatriotic for the Democrats to put on a performance where they do that. I do. I think it’s a bad thing for our country. Impeachment wasn’t supposed to be used that way. All you have to do is read the transcripts, you’ll see there was absolutely nothing done wrong. They had legal scholars looking at the transcripts the other day and they’re saying these are absolutely perfect. Trump is right when he uses the word. Those calls that we made, two of them, were absolutely perfect calls and I think it’s a very bad thing for our country. Does it cast a cloud? Well, if it does, then the Democrats have done a very great disservice to the country, which they have. They’ve wasted a lot of time.”


Jerome Cartillier
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